Created by Mary Ann 

Mindfulness in a Box (Vol 1)., contains 154 cards that point to selected teachings, practices and qualities of mindfulness.  Awareness is just the beginning.  Available at the office.

Mindfully Yours, a collection of teachings set to images, available individually or as a set.


Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) - hosted by UCLA, MARC's mission is to raise mindful awareness through education and research.

Center for Mindful Self-Compassion - founder by Christopher K Germer and Kristin Neff, this center is dedicated to the teaching and learning of mindful self-compassion.

Insight Meditation Society - a residential meditation retreat center founded by Sharon Salzberg and others in 1979, located in central Massachusetts.

The Interdependence Project - a non-profit in NYC dedicated to sharing secular education on Buddhist psychology and practices.

Mindfulness in Education Network - helps to facilitate communication between parents, students, professionals and others who wish to promote mindfulness in education.

Mindful Schools - provides classroom-based mindfulness sessions and teacher training.

The Garrison Institute - a center for contemplative education in the Hudson Valley, NY.

The Kripalu Center  - a center for yoga, meditation and health in the Berkshire mountains, MA.  - an online resource, published by Barry Boyce, editor of Mindful magazine.

New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care - a center for teaching, meditation and practice.  Bringing contemplative care to those who need it, and training those who wish to help.

Death Cafe - a non-profit social franchise whose mission is to raise awareness about death to the benefit of the living.

Spiritual Directors International - a professional learning community dedicated to spiritual companionship.

Bethany House of Prayer - a shared ministry dedicated to hospitality, renewal, refreshment and an awareness of the spirit in daily life.

Ignatian Spirituality - an online resource dedicated to offering helpful teachings of Ignatius of Loyola, a master of contemplation and spiritual direction. 

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