Since 2001, Mary Ann has been educating adults, children, families and professionals in and around her community about what matters.  

  • We're unaware of how unaware we are. 

  • Words and actions are capable of connection or disconnection, ease and dis-ease. This is good news because our own words and actions are the only two things we can control.

  • Our lives consist of moments, one after another. We can learn to be present to more and more of them.  

  • We probably don't have as many moments to live as we think we do.  Time is precious.  Unaware of this, we often waste time, or take it for granted.

  • Happiness is not something we get, but rather something we give through intentional action and practice.  It's a habit we can cultivate to the benefit of ourselves and others.

  • Familiarity with basic goodness, that of our own and others, puts us at ease.  Ease is a tremendously helpful and healthy way of being, in all aspects of experience and life.

  • When we are at ease in our lives, we are more fully able to live the moments of our lives well.  Well and good. 

My Training


My story, so far, is the story of one individual, although in a way it's not unique.  I say this because I believe my story is also your story.  The story of a person who wants to be happy, healthy, comfortable, seen and heard, loving and loved.  This timeless, universal wish is our birthright.  Like everyone else, I'm a person who deserves all this and more, not the least of which is to be comfortable in my own skin.

After a prolonged period of seeking happiness and harmony outside of myself, I discovered that it is already mine. This discovery also took some time, is ongoing and is a story all its own.  I feel it's important to highlight one insight: part of what blocked a healthy sense of being was my very search for it.  Happiness, harmony, contentment and peace were in the last place I looked, which is often the case.  

The same can be true of many things we search for.  Love, friendliness and acceptance to name a few more.  The good news is that wisdom qualities are already within us.  And a vibrant, purposeful and compassionate way of being in the world naturally flows from cultivating these qualities. Most of us do not recognize this simple truth because our thoughts about finding and having things like happiness and peace take us elsewhere, to external conditions such as other people, possessions etc.

True contentment and appreciation for the life we actually have is not only available, it can become an integral part of daily life.  With practice.

My Work

I help individuals, couples, groups and organizations connect with their own wisdom and compassion through contemplative offerings, coaching and consulting.  My years of training, doctoral degree in Human Development and Psychology and experience in the fields of relational health, spiritual direction, and mind-body disciplines such as yoga, meditation, Buddhist psychology and mindfulness influence and deepen my personal life and inform my professional work with people of all ages and life stages.

I am an educator, coach and spiritual director, currently training as a lay healthcare chaplain.  I am not a psychologist and do not provide therapy or offer clinical services. 

We’re all just walking each other home.
— Ram Dass

Sample Client List 

  • P-12 Education.  Ayer Kiddie Depot, Arlington Public Schools, Concord Public Schools, Lexington Public Schools, Mass Association for the Education of Young Children,The Tremont School.
  • Higher EducationBowdoin College, Harvard University, MIT, Wheelock College.
  • Health and Human Services Boston Behavioral Medicine, Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare, Mental Health Assoc of Greater Lowell, Mt Auburn Healthcare.
  • Other. Center for Parents and Teachers, Collaborative to Reduce Student Stress, Lexington Community Education, LexFUN!, Lexington Women of the World Club, Massachusetts Families Organizing for Change, Mindfulness in Education Network, Rally, Boston; Sun Life Financial, TEDx Walden Pond, Tenacity, Boston; The Rainbow Coalition; The Thoreau Club, Concord; Town of Concord, Town of Lexington.

Membership in professional organizations