Just Non Do It.

By Mary Ann Christie Burnside


Mindfulness is often referred to as a kind of "non-doing."  The mind easily equates non-doing with doing nothing. Although this equation seems reasonable, rational, these two things are not equivalent.  In fact, the association itself is nothing more than a thought unless we mis-take it for the truth, which can happen.

Non-doing is not the same as doing nothing, just as knowing is not the same as thinking.  When we practice non-doing, we're letting ourselves be, just as we are in that moment.  We're letting others and all parts of our experience be, just as they are in that moment. We are not trying to get, change, fix, manipulate or control anything.  We are relating to what is, on purpose, from a different orientation.  Awake and aware.  Clear and still.  Friendly and connected. Open.

When we experience being and we're aware of thiseven for a moment, we're likely to notice how different this feels from the way we usually experience our lives.  With practice, we come to see clearly how much of a something this is.


What you seek is seeking you.
— Rumi